The blogger…

I’m a huge fan of music and baseball.  I enjoy playing the guitar and writing music, and my hobbies also include reading and writing (which is why I’m here).  Additionally, I’m interested in sports in general, video games, art, cooking, gardening, the outdoors, fitness, and, to some extent, politics and religion.

The blog…

I’ve created Dischordant Forms (yes, ‘discordant’ has been intentionally misspelled!) in order to provide myself with the freedom to write about a wide range of topics.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy my posts!

Comments and discussion…

Comments are welcome!  Feel free to comment on any of my posts.  If you’re not comfortable with a public comment, or want to otherwise contact me, feel free to send me an email!

(This blog was born on January 17, 2011, re-born on October 28th, 2013, and contains seeds of an earlier blog in its archives.)


2 Comments on “About”

  1. walt says:

    As a life-long Metallica fan, I enjoyed several of your posts. All thoughtful and well written. Nice work! Good photos, too.

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