A letter to my old friends

Hello, my friends.

Russ here. I’m back to check in with you all, after a long hiatus.

Back in early April of 2012, I published what turned out to be my final post here at Dischordant Forms. Not long thereafter, I decided to stop blogging here, and eventually I hid the site. (Some time before, I had also hidden my old blog, Sunmurma.) Shortly after that, I deactivated my Twitter account as well, and sort of dropped off the map as far as my little world here was concerned.

The reasons for doing so were in part because I simply wasn’t motivated to blog here, and in part because I was annoyed by the idea that a couple of certain persons from my real life could be reading my posts.

Obviously, a lot has happened in the past fifteen-plus months. Time has passed. Life tends to go on, obviously.

However, I am realizing now that in simply disappearing from Dischordant Forms, and Twitter – at least under my @Sunmurma handle – I cut myself off from a lot of people, including some who had become good friends online. As I get older, I’ve begun to see this as a mistake. Perhaps the whole exercise, or at least this part of it, was necessary for me. At the time, it seemed to be that way. And indeed, good things have happened in the past year-plus. But I should have been a better friend/blogger to my friends/readers.

It’s been a long time. As such, there are likely people who I’ve forgotten about, who might be interested in what I am doing now. I found a job last August, and I still play World of Warcraft. Due to financial constraints, I rarely buy new music now, but I’m also getting older and settling into something of a “when I was young” phase of music enjoyment… although, truth be told, a good portion of what I listen to is even older than me! I still love baseball, although I haven’t watched too much this season. I cannot wait for the football season, though… and I’ve generally been reading way too much about sports, constantly – that, at least, hasn’t changed!

My iMac died last summer, which left me so disgusted with Apple that I built my own PC for the first time in my life. That was an adventure, and I’ve been very happy with the results. I lost a ton of photos, though, which was my own fault. Since then, however, I haven’t been much for photography, for various reasons.

I started a brand new blog around the time that I stopped posting to this one. It is a World of Warcraft blog. It contains some of the best work I’ve ever done (in what will be five total years of blogging come next week… it’s hard for me to believe sometimes, but I started my first blog in August 2008!). It’s not all great writing, but I think I’ve written some pretty good stuff over there. It’s been a resoundingly positive experience, and I’ve gotten to know some awesome people through my writing and sharing on Twitter with them. And yes, I also have a Twitter account, different from the one I used to use when I regularly posted here.

At any rate, for those who are interested in adding another World of Warcraft blog to their bookmarks / feeds / etc., and/or in hitting me up on Twitter, I would like to invite you to shoot me an email.

It’s very easy: click the “Please, contact me!!” link at the bottom of this post – or the Contact Me tab at the top of the page – and let me know who you are (and how things are going!), your blog address if you have one, and/or your Twitter. Or just your email address: if you’re not using any of those formats and want to be in touch, I’d be more than happy to share my current blog address / Twitter handle with you.

Warning: It’s mainly WoW-related. Both the blog (of course) and my Twitter posts.

I’m not sure if I will be writing anything more here at Dischordant Forms. Looking back on earlier posts, I find them oddly unsatisfying. However, if I decide to write more general stuff, I may change my mind, or I may start yet another blog. If we’re in touch either by email or Twitter, that would certainly be something I could share with you down the road.

I think it’s important to stay in touch with the people we care about. I learned this the hard way recently in a situation with an online friend who I lost touch with and who I just found out may now be dead. It’s a terrible feeling… With that said, I’d like to apologize to anyone who cared about me or my writing, for wiping myself off the map like that.

Thanks for reading, and remember…

Please, contact me!!

…if you like! 🙂

Best regards,



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