Photos of October snow

Here in western New York state, we didn’t get the brunt of the snowstorm on October 29th like parts of PA, NJ, and other states on the east coast.  However, we did get some snow that stuck to the ground for a short while, and so that morning, I made my way to one of the most beautiful places in Portville, the Chestnut Hill Cemetary, to take some shots of the snowfall against the background of autumn colors.

(click to enlarge, if you like)

Chestnut Hill Cemetary, 10/29/2011

What follow are some of my favorites from the 20-some photos I took that morning.

snow and leaves

a brief reprieve, before I am forced to walk uphill again

a fun shot rounding the turn

made it to the top of the hill! 😛

I really like the dusting of snow against the colors of the trees

some moss

another 'late-fall' shot that I like

the Civil War memorial at the bottom of the hill, honoring those from the area who served

* * *

I don’t have my iMac available, so these pics are completely un-altered.  And I seem to have a problem with my lens, as you may be able to see in some of the photos.  Ultimately, the photos don’t do justice to how beautiful and peaceful it was up there.  However, I had an enjoyable walk – it snowed the entire time, but by the end the temperature was already rising, causing the accumulated snow to melt away.

Please feel free to comment if you like.  Hope you enjoy the photos!


2 Comments on “Photos of October snow”

  1. Tesh says:

    Great shots, Russ! I do love fall photos and snow photos; the weird time when both can happen together is my favorite time of year.

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