Snowstorm photos – January 26, 2011

Well, we finally got our big snowstorm here in south-central PA. I went out tonight to get some photos, and it looks like we’ve gotten about a foot of snow over the past 24 hours. Last winter, we had already had two or three blizzards by this point, so this year has been remarkably milder than last year (in contrast to what much of the rest of the country has seen thus far).

I took these at around 9:30pm, and then played around with the lighting before I loaded them into this post. It’s supposed to be very windy tomorrow, so I decided to get some shots before the snow blows off the tree branches.






I love snow photographs, and have been waiting patiently this winter for the opportunity to take some. In spite of the lights and sounds of the city, it was peaceful out there tonight, and I was glad for the chance to enjoy it.


2 Comments on “Snowstorm photos – January 26, 2011”

  1. Saniel says:

    I didn’t realize you were from PA. My parents grew up in Shenandoah (Schuylkill county) and I still have some family in the area.

  2. Tesh says:

    Very nice. I love wandering around in snowy landscapes. The photographs can be awesome, especially around sunset.

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