Lucid Dreamers – a refreshing musical experience

Lucid Dreamers website

A couple of months ago, I met a gentleman named Stacey Young. Stacey works with several of the people in our apartment complex. Our conversation started when I pointed out a beautiful blue-green butterfly to him. He then mentioned that he had noticed me carrying an guitar and amp one day, and so the conversation turned to music. I told him about the casual nature of my musical hobby, and then he told me about his group, Lucid Dreamers.

He told me that, over the years, he had been able to put together a nice recording studio with, from what I gather, some sweet old-school recording equipment and instruments. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and together with his long-time songwriting partner Chris Davis, they cover vocals, bass, drums and other percussion instruments, keyboards, various stringed instruments, and flute (among others).

We had a great conversation, and he surprised me by going to his car and giving me their latest CD, The Cosmic Wheel, to check out. It was an awesome gift, especially for having just met! I went into my place and listened to it, and then I listened to it again. And again, the next day, and so on…

Lucid Dreamers is difficult to categorize. I would call them progressive, which is sort of a catch-all label for music that doesn’t fit a formula, although I would not call them progressive rock. He told me that they are working on an instrumental CD with everything to piano and cello songs to full-on jazz rock, and upon listening to the CD, I could hear jazz rock among their many influences. The music is very refreshing, as it perfectly fits their “making the music that we like to make is the reward itself” ethos.

Lucid Dreamers is definitely a group to check out if you have an interest in positive, jazzy, psychedelic-tinged music. You can find their website by clicking the album cover photo or the link in the first paragraph, and you can find three of the songs from their latest album streaming there.


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