Finished: The Eagle

The Eagle

Last night, I finished the final book in the Camulod Chronicles, The Eagle (Jack Whyte), for the second time. I have now read all nine books in the series at least twice, and some of them three or four times. The books are the fulfillment of the author’s idea of creating a fictional history about the rise and fall of King Arthur that is, to my mind, something which “could have happened.” In them, much of the far-fetched fairy tale is abandoned in favor of a higher degree of realism.

Without giving too much away, I definitely recommend these books to anyone who is interested in fiction set during the decline of the Roman Empire or at any time in Britain’s history.

I can certainly find fault with the series. In particular, it seems that, while there is a wealth of characters throughout, most of them are either totally good or totally evil. Additionally, after nine novels detailing a story that takes place over more than 100 years, the final book crashes and burns in the last several pages, which was extremely unsatisfying. However, I found the books to be highly entertaining overall, and I’ve lain awake reading them late into the night on countless occasions over the past several years.

If you are interested in checking out the series, the first book is called The Skystone.


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