Chris Poland & Welkin, live at House of Guitars

Thanks to, I got to watch this video of guitarist Chris Poland jamming with his pre-Megadeth band, Welkin, on April 24. During his Yamaha Guitars clinic at House of Guitars in Rochester, NY, the trio reunited for the first time in over 30 years, playing a song that they had not rehearsed beforehand. Here’s the video:

It’s a simple blues-rock tune, and the guitar pyrotechnics don’t begin until about two and a half minutes in. Once they do, though, he gives a typical display of his remarkable technique and ability.

Any time that I get a chance to watch a high-quality video of Chris Poland, I do. He’s a master electric guitarist. One of his signature techniques is his multiple “ghost bend,” where he bends to two or more notes during the course of a “single bend” rather than bending to a note, applying vibrato, and then letting it go or dropping it back down to the original tone. It’s a technique that fits well with his largely legato style, and separates him from most other “shredders.”

If you’re a fan of watching someone who’s completely comfortable with his or her instrument perform at an extremely high level, I definitely recommend giving this video a look!


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