Black Country Communion

This one goes in my too-rarely-used “music I’m looking forward to” file…

Black Country Communion, the new “supergroup” featuring virtuoso blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner), and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), will be releasing their debut album Black Country on September 21 in North America (September 20 UK/EU).

The band, named after the industrial area of England where both Hughes and Bonham were born, has put together what Hughes calls “a traditional classic rock / modern twist album, a real, real, bold, big rock record.” From the bits of music I’ve heard so far, it sounds like his description is spot-on. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the entire album.

The website linked above currently contains a band bio, as well as a video documentary which includes interviews with each band member along with some live and in-studio footage. It’s great to see that Glenn Hughes never takes off his sunglasses…

More details and the album’s track list, which was released yesterday, can be found here.

The complete performance of their song “One Last Soul,” parts of which can be seen in the website’s documentary, is included below.


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