Dipping my toes into the blogwaters…

The Crown Jewel

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster: 3-tone sunburst finish, rosewood fretboard

Goodbye, Facebook!

This week, I made a decision that was months in the making, which was to quit using Facebook. It presented some nice opportunities to reconnect with old friends and stay up-to-date with current friends and family. However, there were many drawbacks to having a Facebook account, (generally) presented here in no particular order:

  1. Some people keep you way too informed, with status updates on their grooming habits or lack thereof, lunch times, bed times, Starbucks purchases, monthly cycles, weight issues, relationship issues, general sadness, etc… not to mention exhibitions of horrible spelling/grammar.
  2. My expectation of Facebook was that it would be a forum for connecting with people and sharing pictures, but along with the status update hell mentioned above comes the reality that Facebook is a casual gaming and quiz-taking quagmire. What started (for me) as a simple way of keeping up with friends became a nightmare of logging in and wading through all of the notifications on my Home page informing me that So-and-so #1 gave So-and-so #2 a gift of such-and-such in whichever game they were playing, or that So-and-so #3 took the “Which Star Trek Character Are You?” quiz and the result is that So-and-so #3 is Mr. Sulu. I ignored every game invite and blocked countless games and quizzes in an effort to clean up my news feed, but they just kept coming, which contributed to my diminished enjoyment of the Facebook experience.
  3. The final straw came when I went to log in on Sunday, and Facebook did not recognize my (correct) password. I changed my password, and, later on in the day, was unable to successfully log in with that (correct) password as well. Having had issues with the overall security of Facebook previously, and considering my growing disenchantment with my overall experience, I decided that I had had enough.

So I pulled down my photos (which I’m sure Facebook will have on file forever anyway), deleted my links, emailed all of my friends who provided addresses in their profiles, and deactivated my account that evening. I have to say that I have not missed it in the least. It had become purely a time sink, a place to be bored with other bored people. As I get older, I remind myself that, while I enjoy wasting time when it’s fun, I do not need to be wasting time being bored and annoyed.

[Update (10/9/09): My friends are telling me that “Facebook got hacked” (indeed!) last weekend, and that some users were affected. One of them said that he still cannot log in…]

Why blog? Who cares?

I have been interested in getting into blogging for a little while now, and have been interested in writing, to some extent, for years. However, I am without a purpose or focus, so I have let that get in the way of actually starting a blog. And the interweb world is full of bloggers and thoughts and feelings and whatnot…

But I’ve decided to give it a try. I don’t have to have a focus – I expect that I can write about my interests – music, politics, games, the outdoors, sports, and other subjects – competently enough to satisfy my urge to publish something. If I get enjoyment out of it, that should be my main focus…


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