Spotify Wrapped 2022: My Top 20 Spins

Pre-Wrap On November 25th, Spotify sent out emails to listeners that asked: “Ready for 2022 Wrapped?” I had already been thinking about it, wondering, as summer turned to fall, what Spotify’s impression of my 2022 listening experience would turn out to be. 2022 was different than previous years for me, for several reasons: 1) I … Continue reading Spotify Wrapped 2022: My Top 20 Spins

Spotify Wrapped 2019: My Top 20 Spins

Spotify rolled out its year-end Spotify Wrapped playlists today! I've been excited to see what mine looks like for a while now, in part because this is my first year using Spotify with any consistency whatsoever, and (also) in part because I've always been unreasonably* jealous of others' playlists in past years. This year did … Continue reading Spotify Wrapped 2019: My Top 20 Spins

Moments: the bell guitar

a tale of surprise inspiration... As I turned and rose from my chair, the tops of the nails on my left hand collided with the strings of the acoustic guitar sitting upright in its stand. The result sounded like an old bell. Not exactly like an old bell, mind you, but it reminded me of … Continue reading Moments: the bell guitar

I quit "And I will, I quit. Can't stand the sight of it. And I am, I know, In the path of your evil glow." Saturday was a busy, important day at work. I clocked in bright and early, armed with a checklist in Google Keep and a large cup of coffee, and set to work. … Continue reading I quit

Musings on my 2017 reading habits

Happy New Year! I posted here a grand total of two times in 2017. Obviously, it was not a great year for my writing - at least from a non-Facebook-posting perspective. I did, however, do a ton of reading. I probably read more this past year than I have in a long time, and a … Continue reading Musings on my 2017 reading habits